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hell is chrome.


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daniel! does dallas
15 June 1983
'cause i feel just like a map

without a single place to go of interest

and i'm further north than south

if i could shut my mouth, she'd probably like this

daniel!, a/k/a: male / 23½24 / central/south london. i write about both music (music content is also posted here) and real life, in varying amounts. i'm also in the middle of uploading roughly 600 photos i took while travelling around north america in late 2006. at the rate i'm going, they should all be done by august 2009. look! i also have a myspace page! yes, yes, you may ask who doesn't in this murdochcentric world of ours, but if you go look it may have a bit more about me on it. however, be warned as it probably also contains stupid pictures and unnecessary music that will just slow your pc down. who knows? i subsist on my day job, which pays me well and makes me think on average 3 times a day, and in my spare time contribute to the running of a few small labels. our big fat corporate logos are below, why don't you click on them? feel free to add me, especially if you like endless references to bright eyes and inconsistent use of tenses. and please, please listen to Elliott Smith.

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